Electrical Insulation Diagnostic System

The PDC-ANALYSER-1MOD (Polarisation Depolarisation Current) is an instrument for on-site measuring and analysing the dielectric behaviour of electrical insulation materials and insulation systems.

It combines a windows compatible computer, a wide range electrometer with special filtering properties, an adjustable voltage source, switching devices, measuring and analysis software in one portable, rugged case. It can be used in high-voltage substations as well as laboratory and industrial environments. The PDC-Analyser-1MOD can be supplemented with an accessory external voltage source PDC-Phantom-1000XE for making measurements on grounded objects.



Insulation Analysis and Diagnosis
All kinds of insulation materials undergo degradation processes or ageing effects, if stressed by electric fields, partial discharges, temperature and mechanical forces. These ageing effects change the dielectric properties (real and imaginary part of the permittivity) which can bi identified either by the measurement of the "dielectric response function" in the time domain (also called "time domain spectroscopy") or by measurements of the capacitance and the losses in the frequency domain ("frequency domain spectroscopy").

Application of these methods to insulation systems of high-voltage equipment is extremely valuable as the results provide answers about the actual conditions and the status of the insulation.

As the results from each measurement method can be transformed mathematically into equivalent results of the other method, the PDC-ANALYSER-1MOD is based on "time domain spectroscopy", which can be made in less time and with better precision than measurements in the very low frequency domain.

The PDC-ANALYSER-1MOD is thus a most flexible diagnostic tool for insulation systems and insulation materials.